A book, a restaurant and a magazine...

March and April have been very busy months for me which have involved finishing my part of the book, leaving my day job and opening a restaurant. 

What! Yes, I've jumped back in to hospitality. I had an amazing opportunity come up to work with Asher Boote of The Ramen Shop, on the 15th of April this month we opened Hillside Kitchen and Cellar on the corner of Hill Street and Tinakori Road which is a deli by day and a restaurant by night (we will be opening in the evenings from 1 May). 

We started talking around November when Asher started to pin deli ideas to his Pinterest board and I sent him a quick message saying that if he was interested in doing something strong with beer and wine I would be interested. We looked at a couple of sites before the one that we went with came up and we went for it. So there have been massive changes very quickly. 

We took over on the 31st and Asher turned the place over in two weeks (with Lauren and I chipping in over the weekend and whenever else we had time. Come in and visit. 

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And finally, Eat Magazine Issue 7 is out!