Welcome to XY Drinks

Welcome to my new drinks blog. This is something that I have been meaning to do for quite some time. I first wrote The Wine Wanker, renaming it Grape n' Grain as I became a professional in the industry. I enjoyed writing these but they had lived a full life. I then tried again with NZ Wine Dispatch which unfortunately never quite worked for me. I will be re-posting some reviews from here when I find wherever they are on my hard drive.


I am going to try and do things differently. I will be re-posting some older content that is either republished or as-yet unpublished but when I get up and going I will be writing about (these are not reviews) a lot more wine, beer and spirits; largely focusing on New Zealand. 


I will endeavor to tell you the stories of the wines as well as what they taste like and am not going to rate wines as I have in the past. Firstly it does not give me any pleasure and secondly I don't feel qualified or entitled to do this. Most importantly though I will write only about wines I like and admire for whatever reason. This is similar to my writing style in Homestyle. They may not be wines I LOVE to drink but they all have something special to commend them to you. I think I have enough emotional, professional detachment to tell the difference between "wine/beer I love" and "good beer/wine". I am going to try and focus on the latter.


As I said,  I won't be reviewing per-se but I will finish each post with a two word description of a wine. This is to challenge me to be more creative by summing up something amazingly complex succinctly. I hope you enjoy these.


I will also be writing more about the industry, drinking culture and other similar issues as time goes by.